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Parvathy Ammal (Thangam) was born in Melarkode, Kerala, India. She lived most of her life at Wynad, where her father owns coffee and spice estates. She married C.Narayana Iyer in 1947. Later they lived in Ooty, where Narayana Iyer worked at the Government Rest House, as caretaker. Subsequently they moved to Penang, Malaysia (then Malaya), Narayana Iyer working at the Chettiars Sivan Temple. They had three sons and three daughters. In 1971, the family moved to Coimbatore, India, where Narayana Iyer subsequently bought a house at 173 NVN Layout, Tatabad. Having enrolled the children in school and college, Narayana Iyer returned to Penang, where he continued to work. Parvathy continued to live at Coimbatore until her passing on 20th February 1988.
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