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Sai Ram!

This quarter's revised edition of The Official Newsletter of The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre Of Penang - The Abode Of Peace focuses on the coming millenium, and the Golden Age . Besides that, you can still download very interesting articles that appeared in this quarter's issue of Sailine.Also don't miss out on the opportunity to download the Malaysian Sai Centre contact list and other resources prepared for you. The activities page is also updated and you can just click and download the three-month calendar. You can send in contributions and comments by mail through the 'mail us' page or drop a few lines in the Sai Guestbook. Thanks once again and have a great journey!

Cultural Quarter

This edition of The Abode of Peace showcases the 74th Birthday celebrations of Bhagawan which was jointly celebrated by the Sai Centres on Penang Island .

Download the complete version of our Sailine - the official newsletter in Microsoft Word format. Just in case you cannot view Tamil fonts, download the font too... everything at our download corner. Click on the image.
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